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Skoda Octavia Oto Koltuk Kılıfı DÖŞEMECİOĞLU

Skoda Octavia, Škoda Auto’s large family car that is offered for sale in 1996. Volkswagen Golf named based developed  .laur & Klement and Busniees There are two special version. Offered for sale in 2005, the current Octavia was masked. In addition, the vehicle has versiyonları RS and 4 × 4.

There are new security features in a luxury version, the forward collision warning system, driver fatigue detection system, driver knee airbag, rear side airbags, and active engine hood is located. Will be presented in the other lane keeping assistance systems are assistant.

In addition, adaptive cruise control, parking assist, or traffic sign recognition system bulumaktadır. British car magazine Auto TV Auto, Motor und Sport, his cousin, the German automaker Volkswagen Golf Mk5 with the Skoda Octavia, compared Skoda Octavia built better, a little more interior space and other specific ergonomics Volkswagen Golf is slightly better than that concluded. Octavia’s quality, better ride and to have a lower price than stated. In the 2006 survey, the British car magazine Top Gear a “credibility masterpiece” as described. Octavia is a medium sized car.

Its solidity, refinement and value for money if won, great family car has been successful

This upper-level features and the protection of the vehicle to prevent wear is a major problem for us. The most important of these problems are the car seat. Krlen quickly due to the use of car seats, deforming, fading with such situations are often encountered.

Döşemecioğlu producing the best solution to this problem, specific to your vehicle Škoda Octavia exact dimensions of the original seat covers sewn auto manufactures. Your taste in colors and models with special offers and change it as you want. Our car covers can be washed and may be deleted also. There is also the ability to plug removed.

Our Cases assurance and warranty. Work by our team of qualified VIP brand fabrics are carefully manufactured and placed in your vehicle. Price that fits your budget Our high quality car covers in different patterns  and appreciation of you are gaining. In our company we manufacture our products in Ankara. We encountered heavy demand of our services across the whole of Turkey are conveying carefully.

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