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Skoda SuperB Oto Kılıfı-DÖŞEMECİOĞLU araca özel Oto kılıfı

Skoda Superb, Škoda Auto earlier 1934 – 1942, again in 2001, the D-segment car is offered for sale. Volkswagen Passat was developed based on the long wheelbase version. Skoda model range currently the largest and most luxurious model. Superb is Skoda’s flagship car and is a great family car. Skoda Superb, published in Germany Automotor & sport by the magazine 36 TH the “2012 Year of the Car” In the survey, about 116 thousand readers of the 10th class result of an assessment of the vote, 22 percent more than the area Skoda Superb car of the year were selected.

Superb over 30 prestigious awards in Europe as the owner has registered its quality

Superb Car of the Year in its portfolio, most notably the Golden Steering Wheel Award. Superb in Germany’s Bild am Sonntag Magazine “Middle Class Golden Steering Wheel Award”, especially in Austria, “2008 best and most popular tool” award in the Czech Republic “upper middle class Best Car” Automobile Industry Journalists TwinDoor given by the Club to boot opening system “Technological Innovation of the Year” award in Belgium, VAB “Family Car of the Year” award as there are a lot.

In addition, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Ukraine “Car of the Year” award. Awards avid top-class tool for us to protect our Super B is becoming a necessity.

The most important part of protecting our vehicle usage due to hardware seats. The most important way of protecting the seat with the car covers to protect.

Because car covers are both aesthetically as well as the original image, most durable protection for your vehicle option. Döşemecioğlu in this industry for many years, showing the size of the brand Škoda Superb car covers for your vehicle manufactures and the private sector, is installed in your vehicle. Our Case is exactly the original planting is not the original seat aesthetics research. Due to the quality of the fabric has a non-slip property and does not sweat.

You can also easily removable and washable, cleanable property is located. Our products are guaranteed by our company.

Carefully prepared by our team of professionals working car covers to match your vehicle with color and options are presented to you.

Showing the importance to our company about prices, high quality and reasonable price policy is applied. Our company covers our neglecting safety issues, specific to your vehicle airbag system, in line with the output format from the air bag safety of you keeping in the forefront manufactures. We have shown superior service quality and because of the success we have achieved just that not all demands from Turkey in Ankara observe. For this reason, all our services are conveying to Turkey.

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